Aimtrak RECOIL Light Gun, Black.


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AimTrak Light Gun Black, limited stock! Power Supply Not Included... Learn More


Recoil guns are shipped without recoil power supply. The recoil power is routed via the connecting cable and the power supply needs to have a connector with outer diameter of 5.5mm and inner of 2.1mm. Power supplies can be purchase locally from J-car or similar electronic store. J-car has a Powertech 24v 2.7 amp model. Cat MP3248. This is recommended. No Warranty is given on this gun if the power supply used is purchased of Ebay or similar online stores, directly from Overseas suppliers. We have had to many customers buy cheap power supplies and blow up the recoil as the voltage is not correct or the power supply is faulty. Warranty is given on the recoil only with the purchase of the recommended power supply (Warranty on all other parts still stands but not the recoil). Recoil power is adjustable in the Aimtrak Utility (see below)     Emulates a USB mouse and game controller. No drivers required. Compatible with all PC OSes and Playstation 2 and 3 Works with all monitors including CRT, LCD, Plasma Accurate aim (after calibration) for games which do not have on-screen crosshairs. Up to 4 guns can be used together     Arcade-quality gun with two buttons, trigger and re-coil. Ready to play. Available in black. Box Contains: Complete Black re-coil gun with 2 buttons. 4 Meter USB Cable LED Bar for mounting on top of monitor.   Click for Store page Download AimTrakConfiguration Utility Installer. Download Guide for operation on Playstation 2 and 3     FULL OPERATION AND CONFIGURATION INSTRUCTIONS First, mount the LED bar on the top of the monitor using the adhesive pads. Note if you wish you can remove the casing from this unit for installation in an arcade cabinet. See the Aimtrak Module instructions for this. Initial Check Plug the gun into a USB port and ensure the LED PCB is also plugged into a USB port. Movement of the gun should cause the mouse pointer to move. Its as simple as that! At this time the pointer may not move to the edge or may go off the edge and bounce to the other side. This is normal as the gun is not yet calibrated.

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