NEW Retro Shooter Pandora JAMMA Arcade Kit

Retro Shooter

  • $749.95

The NEW Retro Shooter Light Guns with the Pandora Box 10th version JAMMA Game Board kit has arrived at Austin Amusements. If you have an arcade cabinet with the JAMMA connection, this is the package for you.


  • Pandora 10th Edition Jamma Game Board
  • 2 Light Guns (One Red and One Blue)
  • 4 Infrared Sensors
  • 1 Connection Hub
  • 2 Foot Pedals
  • All Cables Included
  • Features:
  • Custom Light Guns that pair perfectly with the console
  • Custom retro game board with top-of-the-line updated hardware
  • 4-point IR emitters for the most accurate gun gaming experience
  • Wifi/ethernet enabled for software updates
  • Save your game state at any point in the game
  • 60FPS gameplay so there's zero screen tearing
  • Edit your games menu and favourite list to quickly find your favourite game
  • Your favourite retro game isn't on the list...simply add it to the SD card (non-gun games)
  • Zero controller lag so you never miss a move, jump, or shot
  • HD output for high-quality image, play it on your big screen HDMI cord included


20 to 30 minutes to set the kit up and you're ready to play. 

We have tested these units out and WOW, simple to use and heaps of great retro shooter arcade light gun games, plus all your favourite arcade games. To see the shooting games list scroll down.

The JAMMA Game Board:

The Latest Pandora's Box 10th Anniversary Edition JAMMA Game Board .

Arcade Version - HDMi, CRT and VGA Output - 5142 Great Games.
Output to CRT, VGA and HDMi on modern TV's and also has some neat features such as high score save, scan line generator setting, game time mode and difficulty/number of lives settings. The board can also be set to coin operated and game time mode can be activated through the settings. Can also be set to free play if required.  

  • [3A Original Pandora's Box 6 System]: With 1300 Retro Classic Arcade Games. Best Home edition game board to enjoy 80s 90s Arcade Games
  • [Support Add Games] : Supports Unlimited Games Features on an external Storage Media so that players can add their own games, including additional gun games*. 
  • [3D Games Included]: Supports many more 3D Fighting games. You can also add 2D or 3D games for yourself*
  • [Supports As gamepad]: Apply to more platforms. PC, Andorid, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Default configuration, This is an additional configuration that you can choose to add*

 *If you make changes to the game configuration it voids warranty. Please be sure to know what you are doing before making any changes. Changes are made at your own risk. 

This board requires a JAMMA wired cabinet or control panel

Horizontally orientated monitor or HDMi TV

Output is for HDMi on TV, VGA or CRT

Coin Operation or Free Play

JAMMA Wiring:
Wiring requirements are below. Please check your wiring before purchasing. If you are building a new machine you will need to purchase a JAMMA harness to suit multi games (6 buttons per player) This is a non standard JAMMA harness

Product Features:
* 5142 games
* Outputs to VGA, CRT and HDMi
* Supports game pause function
* Turbo shooting function
* Supports upright machines ONLY - Does NOT support monitor flipping
* Can be set to coin operated or free play mode
* High Score Saves
* Built In Scan Line setting
* Game timer setting

Light Gun Games list:

Ghoul Panic ■
Point Blank ■
Point Blank2 ■
Point Blank3 ■
Vs. Duck Hunt ■
Lethal Enforcers ■
Steel Gunner ■
Steel Gunner 2 ■
Golly! Ghost! ■
Under Fire ■
Zombie Raid ■
Bang! ■
Dragon Gun ■
Cheyenne ■
Clay Pigeon ■
Combat ■
Crackshot ■
Crossbow ■
Hit'n Miss ■
Who Dunit ■
Egg Venture ■
Mechanized Attack ■
N.Y. Captor ■
Police Trainer ■
Space Gun ■
Operation Wolf ■
Wild Pilot ■
Zero Point ■
Zero Point 2 ■
Vs. Gumshoe ■
Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting ■
Tut's Tomb ■
One Shot One Kill ■
Operation Thunderbolt ■
Gunbuster ■
Born To Fight ■
Battle Clash ■
Destructive ■
Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge ■
Super NES Super Scope 6 ■
X Zone ■
Yoshi's Safari ■
Baby Boomer ■
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting ■
Duck Hunt ■
Freedom Force ■
Gotcha The Sport ■
Hogan's Alley ■
Shooting Range ■
To The Earth ■
Wild Gunman ■


PLUS Thousands of retro arcade games. Please email for a complete games list.

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