Arcade Pack- 60 in 1 Jamma Board kit

Arcade Pack- 60 in 1 Jamma Board kit

Austin Amusements

  • $190.00

Building an arcade machine or upgrading your existing cabinet?


With the 60-in-1 multi-game JAMMA board kit, you have access to 60 timeless arcade classics, such as Galaga, Burger Time, and Frogger. After you have wired the JAMMA harness, power supply, controls and your screen in the cabinet your are restoring g or building from scratch, simply plug the 60 in 1 JAMMA board in and start playing.

The dip switches on the game board allow for customisation of difficulty level, game speed, and lives, while also giving you the option to hide games from the menu. Revive your old JAMMA cabinet with this Ultimate 60 in 1 Game Arcade Kit and experience the thrill of these unforgettable games. Plus, it even saves high scores - just not the associated initials. Take the risk and relive the adventure of classic arcade gaming!

Great for cocktail and stand up arcade machines (you can set the game board  to flip sides for player two games) . Suitable for two player units or single player stand up arcade machines.


Arcade Classic Pack- 60 in 1 Jamma Board kit

Whats included:

1 x 60 in 1 jamma board (Vertical Screen game board)

2 x Ball top joysticks (Zippy replica's included in pack)

6 x Arcade buttons 

1 x Player 1 arcade button

1 x Player 2 arcade button

8 x Micro switches for the arcade buttons

1 x 15A Arcade power supply

1 x Fused power socket (Kettle plug) with switch


Upgrades Available. Zippy Joystick upgrade plus Ausleaf button upgrade.

Games List for 60 in 1:

Ms Pac-Man / Galaga / Frogger /Donkey Kong / Donkey Junior / Donkey Kong 3 Galaxian / Dig Dug / Crush Roller / Mr. Do / Space Invaders / Pac Man Galaga 3 / Gyruss / Tank Battalion / 1942 / Lady Bug / Burger Time Mappy / Centipede / Millipede / JR Pacman / Pengo / Phoenix Time Pilot / Super Cobra / Hustler / Space Panic / Super Breakout / New Rally X / Arkanoid / Qix / Juno First / Xevious / Mr. Do's Castle / Moon Cresta Pinball Action / Scramble / Super Pacman / Bomb Jack / Shao-Lin's Road / King & Balloon 1943 / Van-Van Car / Pacman Plus / Dig Dug 2 / Amidar / Zaxxon / Pooyan / Pleiads / Gun Smoke / The End / 1943 Kai / Congo Bongo / Jumping Jack / Ms Pac-Man (fast mode) / Pac-Man (fast mode) / Galaga (fast fire mode) / Jr Pac-Man (fast mode) / Pac-Man Plus (fast mode)

Game Board Features:

  • Requires a Vertical Orientated Monitor / Screen
  • 60 Classic Games on 1 JAMMA PCB 
  • Outputs to both CGA & VGA Screens
  • Difficulty and lives settings
  • Ability to hides games from the menu screen
  • Saves High Score (not the player initials)
  • Supports Trackball and Spinner if required 

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