Ausleaf High-Performance Arcade Pushbutton 30mm with Leaf Switches, Choose Your Colour

Austin Amusements

  • $2.95

The Ausleaf Arcade Pushbutton is unlike others on the market.

Price per button, choose your colour.

Size: Suit 28-30mm hole

Ausleaf uses a leaf switch instead of a micro switch. The leaf switch requires a very light push to activate the button and is almost silent. Typical micro switches require more force and make a clicking sound, where the Ausleaf does not.

Ausleaf buttons are a great alternative to Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons which are designed to suit very thin metal control panels. If you’re a fan of the feel of Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons Ausleafs are a great alternative and very cost effective.

The long threaded barrel and nut design is suitable for up to 19mm thick control panels. Ausleaf buttons are dimple top and have 2.8mm terminals, similar to the Sanwa buttons we sell. Standard micro switches have 6.3mm connectors which is what is used in our wiring packs and jamma harnesses.

The 6.3mm connectors will still fit the 2.8mm Ausleaf terminals with easy, but may require a light pinch with pliers to secure them to the terminals.

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