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19 in 1 Horizontal JAMMA Board

Austin Amusements

  • $110.98

19 in 1 Horizontal JAMMA Board 

The 19 in 1 horizontal JAMMA game board requires a horizontal orientated monitor and a JAMMA wired cabinet and is simple plug and play.

The 19 in 1 horizontal JAMMA game board will also output to a VGA or CGA monitor.

Game customisation is available by flipping the dip switches on the board. Difficulty level, game speed and number of lives can also be changed very easily. Another neat feature of this board is the ability to save high scores. It is also possible to hide games from the menu so if you are building a dedicated arcade machine and only want 1 dedicated game running, this is possible with the 19-in-1 board. The 19 in 1 multi JAMMA board is ideal for those customers who want to breathe new life into an old JAMMA cabinet and is also a good choice for new arcade machine builds.

* 19 classic games on 1 PCB
* Requires a horizontally orientated monitor
* Outputs to both CGA & VGA
* Difficulty and lives settings
* Hide games from within the menu
* Ability to save high scores
* Some games support cocktail mode (Games flip screen, refer to manual)
* Coin or Free Play mode
* Can connect trackball onto the board

Games List:
Defender / Stargate / Bubbles / Joust / Robotron / Blaster / Splat / Rally X / Battle City / Mario Bros. / New Rally X / Ghost's “n” Goblins / Solomon’s Key / Gradius / Sky Kid / Ice Climber / Super Mario Bros. / Do! Run Run / Kick Rider

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