Arcade Pack- 11500 Plus in 1 Jamma Board kit VGA Only

Arcade Pack- 11500 Plus in 1 Jamma Board kit VGA Only

  • $345.00

Building an arcade machine?

Arcade Pack- 11500 plus in 1 Jamma Board kit

The Retro Gaming 11,500 Plus has all your favourite arcade games, plus console games all on one user friendly JAMMA board.

Easy to use and install. Simply connects to your existing Multi game JAMMA harness or an original JAMMA harness with slight modification (add wires to your existing original JAMMA harness).

  • Easy user friendly system
  • JAMMA Connector
  • Suitable for cabinets with horizontal monitors
  • Multi Console Gaming
  • Volume Control on the board
  • Fan to install in your machine/cabinet over the game board
  • VGA Output Only 
  • Plastic Storage box including fan mounting  (Pictured is different than how the game board now looks)

Whats included:

1 x 11500 plus  in 1 JAMMA  board (Horizontal screen game board) VGA Only

2 x Ball top Zippy joysticks 

13 x Arcade buttons

1 x Player 1 arcade button

1 x Player 2 arcade button

15 x Micro switches for the arcade buttons

1 x 15A Arcade power supply

1 x Fused power socket (Kettle plug) with switch