CNC Cut Counter Top Flat Pack

  • $159.95

New for Austin Amusements is our CNC Counter Top Arcade machine Flat Packs.

These are brand new at Austin Amusements so please contact us for more details.

Our flat packs are professionally CNC cut right here in Australian. Designed to easily slot together for ease and quick assemble.

Three ways to assemble these machines:

1) The cabinet comes with pre-cut locator tabs which slot in place and only requires glue and a large pair of clamps to hold the machine together tightly while the glue is drying (the pre-cut tabs are a tight fit and the cabinet stays together without glue but it would not be recommended to leave it this way).

If you don't have clamps, no problem.

2) You can also add glue, place all pieces together and add small L type brackets. Screw the brackets in place to hold the panels together while the glue drys. Not every piece will require a bracket, maybe 3-4 on each side to hold the pieces tightly together while the glue drys. The brackets can be left in place for extra support or removed once the glue is dry.


3) The cabinet can also be screw together from the outside and you can counter sink the screws. Decals can then be used to cover counter sunk screws. If you don't wish to apply decals and are happy with a white cabinet buy screws with white caps. Once the screws are in place put the cap on and your done.

Our flat pack is a two player counter top arcade machine with 6 buttons holes per player plus holes for the player 1 and 2 start buttons and 2 additional holes for credit buttons.


The machine will fit a 22in screen but can be modified to fit 24in if required (buyer to make changes).

The screen hole size is 503mm wide and 262mm high, but this piece of wood it does not need to be used if you have a larger screen and wish to modify the cabinet a little. You can purchase a piece of perspex as you screen cover to fit a wider screen. The maximum size is 510mm by 310mm.

Whats our price?

Contact Austin Amusements and we can work you out a price.

DIY flat pack - wood only $159.95 each 

DIY flat pack - wood and 12 L brackets $169.95 each

DIY flat pack - wood, perspex header and angle header bracket $189.95

DIY flat pack and JAMMA arcade pack (no screen included, power supply, JAMMA board, buttons, joysticks, speakers) starts from $389.95 each

Don't have the time to build your own counter top arcade machine? 

Assembled white empty cabinet (wood only), fully assembled starts from $240 each

Assembled white cabinet with refurbished 22in screen (1 year warranty on the screen) and arcade pack, perspex light up header, prices start from $695

Assembled cabinet with decals, refurbished 22in screen (1 year warranty on the screen), arcade pack, perspex light up header, prices start from $850

Contact Austin Amusements with your requirements and we will quote a price.


*Assemble does require a little work but it is not that hard. We feel it is VERY easy to assemble, but if you have very limited woodworking skills and no access to a file, rubber mallet, clamps and glue, it may not be for you. You will require a few simple tools to put the machine together. In my experience an IKEA flat pack is harder to assemble!