Flipper Bat Modern Type Plastic/Stainless Steel Shaft

Austin Amusements

  • $7.70

Flipper Bat Modern Type Plastic/Stainless Steel Shaft

Flipper Bat – Standard Type – This model has a logo ring on the top , but no logo inside the ring

This type of flipper bat  is used on most modern Pinball Machines from the mid 1980’s and forward

Universal type – fit most modern pinball machines, even though the upwards original form can differentiate slightly from brand to brand

The shaft is molded into the bat, and it has reinforcement ribs added, for endurance and extra strength


  • Bally/Williams WPC –  Firepower (February 1980) through Theater of Magic (May 1995)
    Bally/Williams WPC – 20-9250-5
  • American Pinball
  • Chicago Gaming Company
  • Data East
  • Homepin
  • Jersey Jack
  • Pinball Brothers
  • Sega
  • Sonic
  • Spookey Pinball
  • Stern
  • and all other contemporary pinball manufacturer games

Price is for ONE Flipper Bat. Choose your Colour from Red, Blue, Arctic White or Milkey White.

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