Jamma Harness with 2.8mm Quick Connects for Buttons and 4.8mm for Joysticks

Austin Amusements

  • $19.95

Jamma Harness with 2.8mm quick connects for the buttons and 4.8mm quick connects for the joysticks.

Suits multi game JAMMA boards with 6 buttons per player wired to the JAMMA harness.

This JAMMA Harness is not standard. It has extra wires on the harness to suit the button wiring for the multi game boards. All 6 player buttons are wired to the jamma harness for player 1 and 2. Suitable for Pandora DX Series, Game Elf and more.

This JAMMA harness has 2.8mm terminals for buttons and 4.8mm for the Joysticks.
This JAMMA harness suits standard 4.8mm microswitch terminals for the joysticks, such as our Zippy, Happ and Sanwa JLW joysticks, and 2.8mm buttons terminals. Buttons such as our Ausleaf buttons, Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons with 2.8mm terminals.

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