*MAME Arcade Machines, Built to Order. Includes Pinball, Arcade and Jukebox

  • $1,950.00

    • Please don't purchase from the website. Contact the machine builder, Abe on 0404088255 for more information and a delivery price. Delivery can be arranged Australia wide but will need to be quoted and is an additional expense for the purchaser. Each machine is built to order and there is a 3 to 5 week wait.

MAME Arcade Machines, Built to Order in Sydney.

This listing is for the standard two player 32" screen stand up machines with side and header art from $2100 


Other options-

Standard two player 24" screen, stand up machines with full side, front and header art for $1999

Standard four Player 40" screen stand up machines with side and header art from $2399

Added options-

  • 4 player console upgrade                                       $200

  • LED buttons for a 2 player                                      $90

  • LED buttons for 4 player console                           $160

  • Coin Mechanism                                                       $50

  • Light up header                                                        $80

  • Pause feature (pause your games at any time)    $50

  • Change cabinet base color                                      $100

  • Louder sound System                                              $60

  • Pokies pack, play 119 famous poker machines    $250

  • Drink holders                                                            $25

  • Sanwa Brand console upgrade                               $120

  • Happ Brand console upgrade                                  $120

  • Cabinet redesign or custom design                        $195

    Contact Abe on 0404088255 for more information.