*Pac-Drive LED Drive Board (USB output)

  • $59.50

Low-cost driver board for devices such as LEDs, solenoids, lamps etc Ideal for use with illuminated pushbuttons.

When used with the MALA front-end, the easiest way to add illuminated buttons to your panel. Will drive up to 16 standard LEDs with no additional power. Up to 4 boards can be used together (more by request).

Different IDs available (request different ID's when purchasing)

500mA per channel

500mA total current without external power supply.

Higher current draw will require additional power.

5 volt outputs without external power supply.

Up to 48 volt outputs with external power supply.

Open-Source software.

No driver required.

Downloadable example VB application.

C++ code on request.

Support as a LED driver for several MAME front-ends soon.

Linux Support

For more details, please copy and past or click the link below- http://www.ultimarc.com/pacdrive.html