Sega System 16 JAMMA Adapter

Sega System 16 JAMMA Adapter

Austin Amusements

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SEGA System 16 PCB that will convert signals to work in a standard JAMMA arcade machine.
Adapter will suit the following games:

Ace Attacker, Alien Syndrome, Altered Beast / Jyuohki Aurail, Bay Route, Bullet, Charon, Cotton, Dunk Shot, Dynamite Dux, E-Swat, Excite League, Flash Point, Golden Axe, Heavy Weight Champ, M.V.P., Passing Shot, Riot City, Ryu Kyu, SDI / Defense, Shinobi, Sonic Boom, Sukeban Jansi Ryuko, Super League, Tetris, Time Scanner, Toryumon, Tough Turf, Wonder Boy III : Monster Lair, Wrestle War
(Also any other System 16 games)

*Before use, please ensure you have the unit the right way up and that the pinout used is suitable for your PCB, if you are unsure please contact us first.

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