Ultimarc SpinTrak Rotary Control


  • $133.95

arcade spinner
Precision Rotary Control with the most strikingly attractive Spinner Tops available anywhere!
Now the worlds first USB 2.0 Spinner!


  • Two modes of operation:
  • Can be used as a lightweight Super High Resolution Low-Inertia Trackwheel control as used in "Arkanoid"
  • Can also be used as a spinner with the addition of one of two sizes of fly-weight to provide inertia giving long spin-times of up to 20 seconds.
  • Correctly-designed flywheels with mass concentrated at the larger radius.
  • Ultra-high resolution. Unbeatable 1200 pulses per revolution..
  • Super-tough quality. Unit is manufactured by a supplier of encoders for high-speed motor usage and is almost identical to their industrial unit.
  • Dual sealed ball-bearing races give the ultimate in smooth control.
  • One-Piece bearing housing/body CNC machined from a solid alloy billet
  • Available in two versions, for direct connection to USB, or for connection to our I-PAC 2, Ultimate I/O, Opti-PAC or Mini-PAC interfaces.
  • In USB mode, this is the worlds only USB 2.0 spinner. USB 2.0 enables a 16-bit interface and a faster packet-rate than USB 1.1 Vital to avoid slowdown or backspin.
  • Usage not limited to gaming! Also suitable for precision control applications, CNC interfacing and other rotary measurement applications.

Connection to Mini-PAC
The Mini-PAC wiring harness is supplied with an adaptor header. The connection from the harness to the SpinTrak should look like this:
spinner connection to minipac

Connection to Opti-PAC

For Opti-PAC connection, the 4-pin connector fitted to the device must be cut off and the wires stripped back. They are connected as follows:

Brown +5Volts
Yellow X1
Green X2
White GND

Connecting Mouse Buttons

Mouse buttons are connected to 3 pins on the header as shown in the picture below.

The COM connection of both switches should be connected to COM and the normally-open connection of each switch to the LEFT or RIGHT pin.

spinner buttons


spintrak dimension

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