Aimtrak RECOIL Light Gun, Black. Now IN STOCK

Aimtrak RECOIL Light Gun, Black. Now IN STOCK


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AimTrak RECOIL Light Gun, Black.  Now In Stock.

Power Supply for the Recoil NOT Included.

Buyers Please Note: AimTrak Guns are NOT a simple plug and play. You will need to have good computer knowledge and knowhow of your MAME system.

  • Once you configure the gun for a game you will need to calibrate the gun to get it working. If you change to a different game, the gun will again need to be configured to suit that game and calibrated.


AimTrak Guns are a lot of fun and a great added feature to any arcade machine BUT they are not a simple plug and play, please be aware of this before buying.

We recommend doing your OWN research on the Aimtrak guns before purchasing.

  • If you have purchased a ready made mame machine there is a good chance the guns are not for you. You will only get the guns working if you have good computer skills and knowledge of the mame system used in your machine.
  • If you buy a ready built mame machine and the seller sets up the guns for you, you will still need to configure and calibrate the guns for different games.
  • If you have built your own mame arcade machine and set up the software yourself, everything should be ok.

Arcade-quality gun with two buttons and trigger. Box Contains:
    • RECOIL gun with 2 buttons.
    • 4 Meter USB Cable
    • LED Bar for mounting on top of monitor.

Aimtrak Guns:
    • Emulates a USB mouse and game controller. No drivers required.
    • Compatible with all PC OSes and Playstation 2
    • Linux Support (Third Party)
    • Works with all monitors including CRT, LCD, Plasma
    • Accurate aim (after calibration) for games which do not have on-screen crosshairs.
    • Up to 4 guns can be used together

Recoil guns are sold and shipped without the power supply for the recoil.
    • The recoil power is routed via the connecting cable and the power supply needs to have a connector with outer diameter of 5.5mm and inner of 2.1mm.
    • Power supplies can be purchase separately locally from J-car. J-car has a Powertech 24v 2.7 amp model. Cat MP3248. This is the recommended model.
    • No Warranty is given on this gun if the power supply used is purchased of Ebay or similar online stores, directly from overseas suppliers and is not the recommended model. We have had too many customers buy cheap power supplies and blow up the recoil as the voltage is not correct as advertised on the unit or the power supply is faulty. Warranty is given on the recoil only with the purchase of the recommended power supply (Warranty on all other parts still stands but not the recoil).
    • Recoil power is adjustable in the Aimtrak Utility (See the Ultimarc website for more details)

More information: Please visit the Ultimarc website.

On the Ultimarc page you will find:
    • Download for AimTrakConfiguration Utility Installer.
    • Download for Detailed Setup Guide including MAME Configuration
    • Download for Guide for operation on Playstation 2

General setup of gun and MAME:

Detailed configuration of multiple guns and avoiding device swap:

Returns for 'Change of mind':
    • Returns are accepted within 7 days for 'change of mind'. If you have purchased and changed your mind the gun should be in the exact same condition as it was sent to you.
    • 'Change of mind' requires us to test the guns on your return. There is a 15% restocking fee on return of the gun and all postage is at the buyers expense.

'Change of mind' after use:
    • After use of the gun and when the gun shows signs of use returns are accepted within 7 days BUT we change a 25% re stocking fee and only refund as a store credit.
    • All postage costs are at the buyers expenses.

We recommend doing your OWN research on the Aimtrak guns before purchasing. They are NOT a simple plug and play. 

In the rare chance of a fault:

    • The guns come with a 3 month return to base warranty, we will do everything we can in helping in the case of manufacturing fault even after the warranty period has expired.

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